Negrita is from El Callao, Venezuela. She was born in El Callao, Venezuela.

Her life began as a street dog but things took a dramatic turn when she was hit by a truck in the shopping square. The culprit drove away but a Good Samaritan, Luis, passing by picked her up and rushed her to the local veterinarian, Alicia.

Negrita's back legs and hips were very badly damaged but Alicia got right in and performed intensive surgery to try and save the little girl. Healing is a process that takes a lot of time and care. After three months of intensive care Negrita surprised everyone by standing on both legs and walking. Negrita now has a metal plate in her hip and metal pin in her back right leg to replace the fractured bones. She is a somewhat disabled, large stairs can be difficult but where she lacks strength in her rear legs she has powerful front leg muscles.

We met Alicia when she was treating our Skyla in her final weeks. In fact, Negrita donated blood to Skyla in a last attempt to help. A few weeks after Skyla passed we went back to El Callao to visit and Alicia and her co-worker Nano offered Negrita to us, knowing that she would help mend our broken hearts. We could see it was difficult for Alicia to let her go, she's a very special little dog.

It took Negrita about a week to settle in to The Pack Track. She was very quiet, perhaps shy, to begin with. She very quickly began to trust us and her beautiful personality shone through. We love her to bits and she seems to love riding 'her' motorbike.

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