Skyla is a Bull Terrier Cross. She was around 6 months old when we got her from the Woden pound in the Australian Capital Territory and the three of us were family for 8 years. Much like her adopted mother, Skyla could be a little dramatic at times.

Her main interests in life were food, sleep and spending time with her family :o) Skyla, the teenager, was a challenging dog. On numerous occasions she escaped from home, peed in the house and chewed important items of clothing and documents. Nothing too out of the ordinary but on occasion a little stressful for new parents. Fortunately she grew out of these habits, and blossomed in to a loving and caring member of the family.

Skyla was a great passenger, no back seat driving!! She did hundreds of thousands of km’s with us on driving holidays around Australia. She was only too happy to hop in the back of the car and hit the road. Of course the transition from car to motorbike is a little scary for even the bravest of souls but Skyla adjusted really well.

Initially we purchased a custom made motorbike dog seat from Beastriders in the USA. This worked well to start with and on short trips. We soon realised that to travel around the world for 2 years Skyla would need something more rigid and enclosed for her comfort in all-weather and if travelling frequently at high speed for her safety. We approached Extreme Creations in Brookvale, New South Wales, who built us what we call the Bird Cage.

Prior to commencing our trip, Skyla was treated for lymphoma, a very aggressive form of cancer. The staff at Sydney's Animal Referral Hospital worked really hard to get Skyla well. She underwent a course of Chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant. She was cleared for travel 2 weeks prior to our flights and we hoped it would be the last we ever saw of the cancer.

Unfortunately this was not the case, the cancer returned in Mexico. The vets in Sydney created a plan for us including chemotherapy medication but now it was only delaying the inevitable and in Venezuela she reached the final stage and passed away on 10 September 2014. She is buried in a field not far from the little town of El Callao.

There was never an option of doing this trip without Skyla because we’re a family and the three of us did everything together. We miss Skyla everyday and will never forget our little girl. It is our hope that by promoting travel like this with our dog, that we raise awareness of the important role animals play in our lives and the opportunities available for people to travel with their furry friends.

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