Hi, I'm Stuart Clarke (or simply Stu). I am 33 years old and love adventure. I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. As a child I was always out doors, playing with my friends, kicking a ball of any type, heading down to the beach, riding my push bike and of course playing with our dogs.

After leaving school, I spent time in the IT industry and travelled over to the United Kingdom to work. While there, I joined the Territorial Army and after a few months decided that the military was how I wanted to spend my life. I returned to Australia and joined the Army Reserves while I completed high school and I have now just finished 12 years of service in the Navy. I had a great time in the services and did things most people only dream of. I served operationally in Africa and patrolling Australia's borders and non-operationally throughout Australia and South-East Asia. I have participated in various types of adventure and survival training and worked hard with the crews of various ships in preparing to be operationally ready to deploy when called on. I have every intention of re-joining the Navy on completion of our travel, but for now we have an adventure to embark on.

Janell, Skyla and I have travelled extensively across Australia, mostly in our old Nissan Patrol. We have been through the Painted Dessert to Ayres Rock, up to Airley Beach numerous times, all over New South Wales and various places in Victoria. Skyla loves travelling and never wants to be left behind; luckily for her, Janell never wants to leave her behind. When we first got in to motorbikes, Skyla was not at all scared of them and seemed to want to get up with us. We did some research and purchased a pillion seat for her and since then she's wanted to be with us when we ride at every opportunity; if you leave the garage door open long enough she'll take herself in and hop up on the riders seat! Anyway, enough about Skyla, she has her own page.

My interests include football (various types but mostly soccer), off-road driving, motorbike riding, travelling, anything to do with water, technology, culture, general adventure (skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving), being silly and immature. I have both a BSc-Physics (Honours) and a BEng-Electrical (Honours) and I'm currently working towards a Masters in Systems Engineering but have deferred this until after my travel. I hope one day to conduct a Doctorate, but that will have to wait, maybe I'll retire into a University lecturers position as an experienced Engineer.

So why do this trip and why now?

Well we've wanted to travel since before we were married in 2008. The plan has evolved over time from a 6 month holiday backpacking through South America to this full-on riding adventure across four and half continents over 2 years. One day about two years ago, after perhaps a few too many drinks, Janell took advantage of me and I agreed to take Skyla with us. Of course deep down I knew Janell could never be parted from Skyla for more than a couple of weeks so there was no going back on my word and we are doing what most people keep telling us is a crazy idea!!!

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