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Engineered for Safety

The design incorporates a roll cage and harness securing point which is designed to safely restrain up to 30kg. The included chain and carabiner allows the dog to have free movement without getting their legs caught up. Internal dimensions of the Pillion Pooch are 39cm x 62cm floor space with a height of 55cm at the centre (both 1-Pup and 2-Pup setups).

The Pillion Pooch is designed to be narrower than your handlebars, so you will not be taken by surprise when you ride into a tight squeeze. The complete unit weighs in at just under 15kg.

The Pillion Pooch is simply the safest way to take your dog on a motorcycle.

Born out of Necessity

The Pillion Pooch was created as a result of our need to travel the world on motorcycles with our dog. Over the past 6 years and 4 continents we have refined the design to develop the best solution for taking a dog on a motorcycle, whether out for a day trip or a worldwide adventure.

The Ultimate Motorcycle Dog Carrier.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Pillion Pooch fit my motorcycle?

The Pillion Pooch has a generic design allowing it to attach to many easily available rear racks, including those produced by Touratech, Metal Mule and Happy Trails. For a quick release solution check out the Back Road Equipment rear rack system.

Is it legal to take a dog on a motorcycle?

The Pillion Pooch satisfies the laws regarding transportation of animals on motorcycles in Australia, Canada, the European Union, The United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Click here for a comprehensive list of legislation regarding animal transportation from around the world.

Will my dog enjoy riding?

Its difficult to know for sure if your dog will find riding fun but as their owner you know them best. How you introduce your dog to riding is critical, even if you think you have the bravest dog in the world it's worth taking the introduction slowly to ensure no hiccups or setbacks. There are two components to the introduction; the Pillion Pooch and the motorcycle. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Creating a safe place: start by introducing the Pillion Pooch as a bed where the dog normally sleeps. Use lots of treats to encourage them in and to sit and stay. Placing a familiar blanket on the bed may help.
  • Loud noises: your dog needs to get used to the sound of a motorbike. Start by feeding them beside the motorbike while it's off and then slowly introduce the engine noise and bring them closer and closer to the bike.
  • Sitting on a motorbike: mount the Pillion Pooch on the motorbike, and with the engine off, encourage your dog to sit in the Pillion Pooch while it's mounted. You'll need to practice on the centre stand first (its flat and more comfortable) and then on the side stand. Lots of treats.
  • Sounds and sight: if they are comfortable sitting up on the bike (they may even jump up on their own) its time to start the engine. Only for a short time to begin with and then increase. Again on the side stand and upright. You can now join in with them on the motorbike.
  • The ride: start with a very short ride. It may be too soon for them or they could be ready for a weekend away. Don't be in a hurry at this point, you are also new to this situation and need to learn to ride with them and their behaviour.

The key is not to rush the process and to give lots of positive encouragement and treats.

Is my dog safe on a motorcycle?

While riding a motorcycle has its hazards, housing your dog correctly within a Pillion Pooch ensures the highest level of safety you can achieve. Your dog will be surrounded by a metal roll cage load tested to over 1 ton while being held in place by a heavy duty chain and carabiner to prevent them from jumping or falling out even during rapid deceleration.

Do you ship to my country?
We ship with DHL express and can provide next day delivery to the majority of Europe and North America. Most other destinations can be reached within 3 days.
Can the Pillion Pooch be quickly removed?

The Pillion Pooch can be removed in seconds when used with the Back Road Equipment rear rack (sold separately by Back Road Equipment)

Document Downloads
Specifications and datasheets
Tray: 5754 grade Aluminium
Roll Bars: 6060T6 grade Aluminium
Screws, fastenings, chain and attachments: 316 marine grade Stainless Steel
Tub and Apex: 3560 grade Medium Density PolyEthylene (MDPE)
Canvas Cover 600gsm PVC coated Polyester