We interviewed Pillion Pooch owners about riding with their dogs. Listen to these wonderful people describe how they introduced their dogs to riding, what accessories they recommend, trips they have taken together and future travel plans on 2 wheels with 4 paws. These riders and their pups live all around the world yet on every continent they all have one thing in common, everyone they meet loves to say hi and ask questions about their biker dog. Have a listen to their first hand tips and advice. Whether you have an experienced biker dog or are looking at introducing your dog to the thrill of riding, you can learn something from each of these interviews.

Riding with Dogs - Davina & Alice

Riding with Dogs - Laura & Kodi

Riding with Dogs - Nevin and Simba

Riding with Dogs - Paul & Irma

Riding with Dogs - Kerry, Tilly & Hamish

Riding with Dogs - Justin and Piper - KTM